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Paula Gomez - Civilteknia Team

Paula Gomez

Civil Engineer

PMP, Leed GA. Civil Engineer expert in sustainability and project structuring.

Leonardo Gomez - Civilteknia Team

Leonardo Gomez

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer expert in organizational processes, project control, and supervision.

Paula Restrepo - Civilteknia Team

Paula Restrepo


Architect expert in Architectural and Interior Design. Expert in team coordination with BIM methodologies.

Juan David Gonzalez - Civilteknia Team

Juan Gonzalez

Administrative Engineer

Administrative Engineer, expert in the consolidation and stabilization of real estate investment portfolios in the USA.

Cristian Restrepo - Civilteknia Team

Cristian Restrepo

Digital Marketer

Marketing Professional, expert in the development of SEO & SEM strategies.

Milestones of Civilteknia over the years

Civilteknia is an engineering and construction company. Since its foundation in 2004, the company has experienced steady growth and has carried out several major projects in Colombia and abroad. We will explore the main milestones of Civilteknia in each year from its foundation to its expansion to the United States in 2023.

Supporting individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive benefits through practical tools in their construction projects to establish enterprises that contribute to measurable balance between economic, social, and environmental objectives.

Building Sustainable Enterprises: Practical Tools for Comprehensive Benefits

As employees of Civilteknia, we’ve worked on some of the most important projects in the country while also running our own company. We’ve focused on maintaining high standards of quality and professionalism at all times and value teamwork and collaboration. We’re committed to making a difference in our industry and communities.

2004: Foundation of Civilteknia

In 2004, engineers Leonardo Gómez and Paula Gómez founded Civilteknia to build a road in a neighborhood in Bogotá. The project was a success and laid the groundwork for the company’s future growth.

2005-2008: Early Years

In the early years of Civilteknia, the company focused on building its reputation in the engineering and construction industry. During this period, Civilteknia carried out several projects in Bogotá and the surrounding areas, including the construction of a water treatment plant in the municipality of Funza.

2009-2015: Period of Intense Construction Projects

Between 2009 and 2011, Civilteknia embarked on several major construction projects, including the packaging warehouse for Leche Alquería in Intexzona, a 400 m2 country house in Cajica (a neighboring municipality of Bogotá), and a potable water tank in the municipality of Tenjo. These projects helped solidify Civilteknia’s reputation as a reliable and efficient engineering and construction company.

2015-2017: Entry into Real Estate Brokerage

In 2015, Civilteknia entered the real estate brokerage sector with two major deals: the purchase of a lot near the Clínica del Country in Bogotá and the acquisition of facilities for Prosegur, the Spanish multinational money transport company, in the industrial zone of Montevideo in Bogotá. These deals helped Civilteknia establish itself as a major player in the real estate brokerage industry.

2018-2019: Consolidation of Markets

In 2018 and 2019, Civilteknia consolidated its position in the engineering, construction and Real Estate brokerage sectors. During this period, the company carried out several projects in these sectors and continued to build its reputation as a reliable and efficient company.

2020: Full-Time Commitment to Civilteknia

In 2020, after over 20 years of professional experience, Leonardo and Paula devoted themselves full-time to Civilteknia. Their most important client is Plan Maestros Cauchitos, a development of 16,000 homes with related services in the city of Ibagué on a 160-hectare plot. Civilteknia acts as representatives of the owners.

2023: Expansion into the United States

Civilteknia is expanding operations to Florida, USA with three service lines: Consulting, Construction, and Marketing. The goal is to become a source of secure investments for their clients.

Paula Gomez


…”we are committed to building sustainably and protecting the environment, creating not only beautiful and functional spaces, but also a healthier planet for future generations.”…

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Working with Civilteknia has been an enriching experience, thanks to their judgment and analytical ability to identify opportunities in areas that are fundamental to real estate development. In addition, I would highlight their excellent relationships with landowners and their ability to communicate effectively with all parties involved, including curators, consultants, and other necessary actors to carry out successful business deals. For me, Civilteknia is an invaluable ally in the viability of business ventures, thanks to their market-centered approach, numbers and opportunities, as well as the location and feeling of real estate projects, which guarantees success for all parties involved.
Guillermo Marin
National Real Estate Development Manager - CONINSA RAMON H
The experience with Civilteknia has been excellent. From the first moment, a commitment and dedication to work has been felt, which has allowed the project to develop smoothly over the years, with a feeling of support that has made it gain important momentum despite bureaucratic complications. One of Civilteknia's greatest virtues is their constant pace and a mix of technical knowledge, especially in market-related issues, and knowledge of different agents, along with a sensitivity and desire to create distinct and differentiated projects with clear values. The combination of these two things has been the greatest contribution to the development of the Cauchitos Master Plan.